My recommendations for shoes that may help with neuropathy pain

Some things I've found helpful are extra width and light weight

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Author’s note: I received no compensation for writing about the following products. I just really like shoes.

My mother-in-law suffers from peripheral neuropathy pain due to familial amyloid polyneuropathy, or FAP. This pain requires her to move around in a motorized wheelchair because too much walking can be unbearable. At home, she wears comfortable slippers, but when she leaves the house, she wears protective diabetic shoes.

For patients dealing with pain from FAP, choosing appropriate footwear is crucial for mitigating the pain. Caregivers of patients who are new to FAP must help them choose comfortable, loose-fitting footwear that won’t restrict blood flow or movement.

Following are some of the comfortable options I’ve come across for patients and caregivers looking for shoes that might help to alleviate peripheral neuropathy pain.

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Clark’s Wallabees

Since I last wrote about this subject in late 2019, the market for adaptive footwear has expanded. I was on the Clarks store website looking at a pair of Wallabee shoes and noticed a customer review titled “A must for anyone with peripheral neuropathy!”

“I have terrible peripheral neuropathy, and quality shoes are a necessity,” the reviewer wrote. “I have spent thousands on other shoes only to be disappointed after the break-in period. However, not my Clark’s. Quality and comfort are their best qualities. Love them!”

Clarks Wallabees are fashionable and timeless shoes that I’ve worn for over two decades. They have a loose-fitting profile that provides the foot with ample breathing room. They also expand and don’t hug the feet too much, which makes putting them on easy.

Unfortunately, my mother-in-law can’t wear them due to her advanced stage of neuropathy, but patients in earlier stages may find them to be a good choice.

New Balance’s NBRx line

When her feet aren’t hurting her too badly, my mother-in-law wears New Balance’s NBRx supportive shoe line. The specific shoe she wears is called 928v3.

Neuropathy patients may benefit from the range of widths available for these shoes, which goes from a normal width to “XX-wide.” The larger width can help when patients put their shoes on and can limit pain caused by shoes that hug the foot too tightly.

On’s Cloud 5

The Swiss running shoe company On has a Cloud 5 model that is stylish and may benefit FAP patients who need something light. These shoes are stylish, highly cushioned, and have lightweight construction with breathable mesh on the outside.

While managing neuropathy pain involves several factors, having comfortable feet helps my mother-in-law be more mobile. What shoes help you or your loved one with FAP? Please share in the comments below.

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