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How to Prevent Burnout When Caring for a Loved One

Today, I’d like to talk about caregiver burnout, which extends beyond the physical burnout of completing various caregiving tasks. It also entails more than feeling helpless when a caregiver is unable to meet the expectations of the rest of the family. Caregiver burnout stems from the gradual mental and…

Doing Life Together When Diagnosed With Amyloidosis

In my role as a leader of the New Zealand Amyloidosis Patients Association, I’ve had the privilege of forging relationships with many wonderful human beings. The people I’ve met while running this charity, established in 2019, have enriched my life and pushed me further than I could’ve ever imagined.

Sufferers Are More Than Their Afflictions

Lately I’ve had to remind my husband that he is not his disease. Aubrey was diagnosed in 2013 with hereditary ATTR amyloidosis, and after eight years, his impairment has become evident to those closest to him. Externally, though, Aubrey looks great. A stranger wouldn’t be able to tell how…