Ways to Approach Driving with Peripheral Neuropathy

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The numbness and tingling sensations associated with peripheral neuropathy may significantly impact a patient’s everyday life. Tasks such as cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and driving may require extra care and attention to detail.

Mobility may become increasingly difficult for people living with peripheral neuropathy and carpal tunnel symptoms associated with familial amyloid polyneuropathy, especially when it comes to driving a vehicle. Patients and caregivers need to understand their options for operating vehicles. Following are some ways to address driving with neuropathy.

How neuropathy may affect driving

The burning and tingling sensations associated with peripheral symptoms may inhibit a patient’s ability to operate a vehicle. A loss of feeling due to numbness may affect a patient’s ability to use the gas pedal and brakes. Treatments such as gabapentin may cause side effects such as drowsiness and disorientation.

Transporting wheelchairs by car may prove difficult. My father-in-law assumed driving duties when my mother-in-law’s neuropathy aggravated the pain in her arms and legs. Anyone traveling by car with my mother-in-law needed to factor in extra time to make sure she could comfortably enter the car. Then they needed to attach her motorized wheelchair to the elevated hoist on the back of the car and ensure its steadiness.

My in-laws eventually invested in a Ford Econoline van with a built-in wheelchair elevator. Traveling became much more convenient for my in-laws. With the rows of seats removed, my mother-in-law could sit in her wheelchair while riding in the van. 

Other ways to manage driving

A common way to make driving easier is to install hand controls that attach to the vehicle’s gas pedal, brakes, and steering wheel, allowing drivers to use their hands to accelerate and brake while steering. Hand controls come in manual and motorized versions that may benefit various levels of peripheral neuropathy severity.

Gloves may help patients who experience numbness and tingling sensations in their hands, but they also may affect their ability to maneuver the vehicle.

The cost of a new vehicle modified with adaptative equipment can be prohibitive, ranging from $20,000 to $80,000. Patients and caregivers may want to explore travel alternatives.

Alternative ways to travel

It may be convenient to have a caregiver or loved one assume driving duties. Patients also may consider using ride-share services such as Uber or Lyft. These options may require a set budget and significant planning but may alleviate the potentially higher costs associated with equipping a vehicle for passengers with disabilities.


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Julie McArdle

I only get paraestesthsia on a night am I safe to drive

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michael pirtle

I have found with driving my car that a small light mounted under my dash that shines on the gas and brake pedals makes me drive much safer! because what I may not be able to feel I can see where my feet are positioned on the pedals of my car. Try it and see if it helps you and its cheap like less than 10 dollars?

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Eileen demichael

Where can I find this small light that can be installed under dash


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