Caregivers Should Be Mindful of Gabapentin’s Interactions with Other Medications

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gabapentin interactions

For those suffering from symptoms of familial amyloid polyneuropathy — such as loss of nerve function in the hands, feet, arms, and legs — Neurontin (gabapentin) may be a commonly prescribed treatment. While caregivers must be aware of the side effects that gabapentin may produce in patients, they must also be mindful of interactions with other medications.

My mother-in-law recently went to the emergency room with a low heart rate and heavy breathing. After an overnight stay and a few tests, the doctors prescribed heart medications. She is currently home recovering but will return to the hospital for more tests.

Upon speaking with my mother-in-law after her release from the hospital, she let me know of her concerns about her newly prescribed medications interacting with gabapentin. It was a valid concern.

Some to watch


Ambien (zolpidem) may increase some of gabapentin’s side effects when combined. These side effects include dizziness, trouble concentrating, drowsiness, and confusion. Gabapentin users should avoid any activities requiring mental alertness such as driving and operating heavy machinery when also using Ambien.


Hydrocodone is a pain-relieving drug that has a moderate reaction when combined with gabapentin. Like Ambien, hydrocodone’s side effects when interacting with gabapentin include drowsiness, dizziness, and trouble concentrating. Caregivers must be aware of hydrocodone or any painkiller’s interactions with gabapentin when their patients are taking both medications.


Caregivers must monitor the central nervous systems and respiratory systems of patients prescribed gabapentin and oxycodone. Patients must avoid activities involving mental focus, such as driving and operating heavy machinery. Caregivers must be cautious when administering dosages of oxycodone to patients already taking gabapentin and should also monitor their patients for respiratory depression.


Caregivers with patients taking gabapentin must be extremely cautious about Suboxone (buprenorphine and naloxone). The painkiller is a potent analgesic that is longer lasting than morphine. It reacts with gabapentin in a potentially lethal way, leading to central nervous system depression. Other serious interaction effects may include respiratory distress, coma, and death.


Patients using gabapentin must also be careful when drinking alcohol. When combined with gabapentin, alcohol may increase the medication’s effect on the nervous system, causing increased dizziness, drowsiness, difficulty concentrating, and impaired judgment.

Many medications have potentially serious side effects, especially when combined with other treatments. It is important for caregivers to be aware of these interactions.

When a doctor prescribes an unfamiliar medicine for a patient suffering from peripheral neuropathy symptoms, the patient and caregiver should ask questions about how it may interact with existing treatments. This is critical for the patient’s health.


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Felicia M Nash avatar

Felicia M Nash

I don't understand why doctors prescribe both combinations know what the danger of them together shows the doctors don't care about their patients

Damon tate avatar

Damon tate

Have taken 15 mg oxycodone and gabapentin together one time. That was a mistake. I could barely walk for 5 or 6 hours. I would like to know if taken in future how far apart should dosing be?

Linda Garr avatar

Linda Garr

I took gapGabapentin and four hours later I took hydrocodone reactions taking both of these.

Peter Rutledge avatar

Peter Rutledge

I’m healthy 63 male 6’ 165 pounds, former long distance runner for 16 years when I was 35 I dumped my motorcycle and hit my helmeted head on asphalt sliding through a big rain puddle. I was dazed but more embarrassed than anything as it was a new Suzuki DR350 enduro bike, new helmet and new leather jacket, all got a bit scratched up. Got pain in my legs diagnosed as neuropathy was prescribed 350 mg gabapentin three times a day. My 90 day supply got stolen switched to aspirin and ibuprofen which is more mental than relief. At night I deal with the pain by grinding my teeth in my sleep often taking otc sleep aids. I’m going to get DNR on my chest which means do not resuscitate.🙁

Michael Morgan avatar

Michael Morgan

I have been taking Subutex 1/2 of 8 for a week how long until act I quit Sunday and I get my Percocets Thursday will they help how long were Subutex stay in my system

Rhonda I Haire avatar

Rhonda I Haire

is the same thing possible with taking subutex similar to subutex? is the risk same or different?

Darlene broome avatar

Darlene broome

Can you take hydrocodone/acetaminophen the same day as gabapentin?

Krystal Burris avatar

Krystal Burris

My husband currently takes suboxone 2xs a day and was just in the hospital had surgery while his stay they were giving him his suboxone on top of morphine oxy and other pain meds. That isnt supposed to happen anx could have caused a lot of things. What would you suggest he do? He is having problems worse now they have sent him home

Chris avatar


Peter sorry you are feeling this way you should get anther refill and talk to your Dr about how you feel- worried about you!!!

Teresa Blackwood avatar

Teresa Blackwood

I am new to oxycodone. Trying to learn more. I am a 68yro female with emphysema and rheumatoid arthritis . I also have spinal issues.

Joseph vassil avatar

Joseph vassil

My husband has trouble with dizziness and balance at times. He takes gabapintin and hydro ozone. Is it possible that this is a cause

Shannon avatar


This is what I have been looking for also. If you find out please post.

Charles M avatar

Charles M

The FDA warning only came out in December 2019. I wound up hospitalized with severe bilateral aspiration pneumonia (and a mild MI as per Troponin levels), for 3 weeks in February 2020 because I didn’t know about the interaction, having switched over from Vicodin to Gabapentin about a year before.. Had a severe exacerbation of bilateral sciatica and still had some Vicodin left from when I was on it. Short story I wasn’t thinking clearly and just should have upped the Gabapentin dose. Now I run everything by a pain specialist before action..

Joyce Peters avatar

Joyce Peters

I'm still confused, can hydrocodone and gabapentin be taken together. The hydrocodone is not doing anything with the gabapentin.


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