Caregivers Should Be Aware of Gabapentin’s Side Effects

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For caregivers tasked with the care of a loved one suffering from familial amyloid polyneuropathy, understanding the symptoms of the disease and its prescribed treatments is crucial. Peripheral neuropathy affects nerve function in the patient’s arms, legs, feet, and hands. Neurontin (gabapentin) is one of the most common treatments prescribed for peripheral neuropathy. Following are some possible Neurontin side effects that caregivers should be aware of.

Memory loss

When my mother-in-law began taking Neurontin, the medication affected her short-term memory. During conversations, she would frequently forget the details of recent events we had discussed. Family interactions and household plans became hazy to her. She would often lament her temporary memory lapses with the phrase: “It’s the Neurontin acting.”

Caregivers should ensure that their loved ones are taking the correct dosages of their prescribed medications. They must be wary of how the potential side effects of these treatments may affect their loved ones. In the case of memory loss, caregivers can help their loved ones to recall events and tasks that they may have forgotten.

Severe weakness

Another Neurontin side effect is severe weakness. As the medicine works to relieve the pain associated with peripheral neuropathy, the limbs may become weak; if the legs are affected, patients will have difficulty walking.

As my mother-in-law experienced weakness in her extremities when taking Neurontin, she needed to use an electric wheelchair to get around the house and run errands. Caregivers must be ready to assist their loved ones who are dealing with severe weakness in their limbs — this assistance may include helping them to arise from lying or sitting, or transporting an electric wheelchair.

Uncoordinated movements

Uncoordinated movement may occur as the result of a combination of dizziness and weakness. Caregivers should be alert to when their loved ones experience this side effect to prevent unexpected falls.

Swelling in the feet and ankles

Patients taking Neurontin may experience swelling in the feet and ankles. The presence of lower leg swelling may cause discomfort and impair walking. My mother-in-law was unable to wear regular shoes because of swelling of her feet and ankles, so we found her socks and soft slippers that fit her feet comfortably.

Why caregivers should be cautious

While treatments help to alleviate the symptoms of neuropathy that cause pain, their side effects may cause additional discomfort. Caregivers should conduct their own research to inform themselves of these adverse effects to be prepared to help their loved ones with day-to-day activities. By managing medication side effects, caregivers can help their loved ones to feel comfortable and secure.


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Carolyn Williams avatar

Carolyn Williams

Do you experience pain in your head behind your ear?

Erma Bowden avatar

Erma Bowden

It bothers me that Drs don't have better options for patients. SIDE EFFECTS ARE HORRIBLE, but prescription chemical based meds are our only options for pain and other symptoms of PN.
MEDICAL SCIENCE should broaden their research. I'm so sure that's possible...!???

Marvallous Vernon avatar

Marvallous Vernon

I have been prescribed Gabapentin in the 300 mg. size. Since taking this for some time my left foot has stabbing pains and tingles at night. I cannot sleep in a prone position. I have to sleep in an upright position in a recliner. I am making an appointment with another Dr. to see if I can stop this prescription.

Charles Watkins avatar

Charles Watkins

Not taking gabapenten due to side affect weak and sore right leg swollen foot and ankle difficulty walking, life was better before gabapentin

Helen avatar


I just started taking this gabapentin and my legs are swelling will this go away or is this something will be permanent while taking the gabapentin?

Anna avatar


with such side effects quite evident in my Partner after taking Gabapentin for around 3 months
Why do the professionals keep advising him to take this drug which does nothing to quell or relieve pain only the symptons above and, helps him fall asleep
from one numb fott he now walks erratically (like a penguin) cannot descend or ascend the staircase and always in total body pain - Gabapentin the total culprit?

lorraine silvers avatar

lorraine silvers

I took one pill of gabapentin and next morning I could not stand or walk. I had to crawl to toilet. Frightening! Brain fog, headache, racing heart.

Curious Twiggy avatar

Curious Twiggy

Having experienced these same side effects several years ago myself, I can say as a patient and health care provider that there are clearly much better medications and other non medicinal treatments for neuropathic pain than gabapentin.

Harold Duncan avatar

Harold Duncan

Can it cause lumps in the bottom of the feet? Feels like I’ve got 500 in each foot & it’s very hard to walk or stand. I’m also a type 2 diabetic.

Robert Covigton avatar

Robert Covigton

Dr prescribed gabbapitin 600 mg three times a day. Feet began swelling and ankles; hard to move my legs; went from cane to walker. Found this website this morning. Quitting gabbapitin immediately. Will let you know how this turns out

Janette Riley avatar

Janette Riley

I’ve been on Gabapentin for over3 yrs, I can’t stop taking it as I have Trigeminal Neuralgia and my GP for whatever reason won’t let me see a neurologist. I can’t walk because of foot and ankle pain plus I have all the other side effects too, brain fog etc. I’m frightened of changing GP s in case it’s in vein, Advice anyone? My life is intolerable. My GP refuses to accept my symptoms are connected to Gabapentin, can anyone help ?

D C avatar


I was on Gabapentin for approximately 10 years. I started out using it for sciatic nerve pain. At first I was on 300mg 3 times a day which eventually increased to 600mg 6 times a day. The drug seemed to help at first but over time I noticed my upper right leg was almost always a n severe pain. It became so bad I had a permanent limp and the pain became unbearable.
I also started getting leg cramps regularly.
The top of my right foot would burn like fire.
I found myself taking more and more gabapentin and all the while I seemed to be getting worse.
I was finally told I would need Hip Replacement Surgery to get any relief.
I decided to try to stop taking the Gabapentin to see if the pain was worse without it.
I gradually decreased the dosage and after I got down to a very low dose I noticed my leg pain was subsiding.
I believe the gabapentin was making the pain worse after a while instead of helping. I also noticed my head started feeling allot clearer after I stopped taking it.
Gabapentin is a weird drug and it is very addictive in my opinion. I would urge anyone to try no using it for awhile to see if you feel better. Of course gradually taper off the medication and work with your doctor. I’m sure Gabapentin has positive uses for some people but it was a gradual worsening of my symptoms that made me decide to stop taking it.

Shawn Wayans avatar

Shawn Wayans

Hi does this medication cause weakness in legs or hands and like a pins and needles type sensation?

Julia Foster avatar

Julia Foster

I have sciatica and back pain due to a prolapsed disk l have had surgery about 15 years ago, l am still having a lot of pain and was taking pain tablets and amatriptilyn which l have been on for over 20 years . The GP recommended me to try Gabapentin and to wean off my other medication which l did l must say the nurses rang me every 2 weeks at first the Gabapentin was helping but l had some muscle spasms and feeling like l had an hangover which l mentioned to the nurses. I decided to carry on with them so in total l have been on them for 8 weeks and my Muscles are feeling very weak and my lower leg, foot and hands keep locking also my memory and head seems foggy my blood pressure as also risen which was alright before Gabapentin I will let the nurses know l am going to come off them and go back on my previous medication even though l will still be in pain
Just wandering if anyone else had experienced any of these symptoms



Started taking Gabapentin less than three weeks ago for knee pain and foot numbness due to sciatica. Started waking in the morning with severe arm and shoulder muscle pain and weakness. At first blamed my mattress but it just kept getting worse. Told my GP and he told me to cut down to one pill at night for a week then stop taking it. I'm quite worried now. Will this reverse once I am off the medication?

Anna Gillis avatar

Anna Gillis

I am writing for my partner on Gabapentin - on this since 14 months - his numbness in left foot worse than ever but when talking to GP if this drug is the culprit answer, this is the only med for foot numbness and he had better increase.
does anyone else have the vice like grip around the foot 24 hours daily driving him to dark dispair. How else to relieve this dreadful pain. Here in Wales no chance to see another gP only one practice in our area
Any suggestios gratefully received. Should I make the decision to wean him off?

adel shomer avatar

adel shomer

i start have gabapentin 100mg 3 time /bay to stop my nerve pain after having shingles , i use the drug for only one week and my feet got swolling , how i stop that ? will i ask my gp to stop it , is the swolling in my feet will go away
i will have to take this drug for one month . nay answer please ,

Linda Macdonald avatar

Linda Macdonald

Omg, my massage therapist said my legs and feet are SO SWOLLEN from Gabapentin, that she is concerned. My acupuncturist said the same thing. I have increased to 900 mg twice a day. I’m going to taper off and try something else. I was taking it for groin pain, stemming from lower back issue.


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